Data Forensics Tools

Multiple Protocols Acquisition Device

Model: DC-8670

Innovative forensic acquisition tool with 4 multiple protocols channels that enable imaging to reach beyond speed limits of duplications on HDD, SSD and Raid storages
Special Features: • 4 multiple protocols channels to greatly increase imaging speed
• 4 x 1TB internal storages for saving images
• Support non-disassembling duplication


DC-8670 Multiple Protocols Acquisition Device is the most innovative design for forensic acquisition. Its 4 transmission channels enable the imaging to reach beyond the speed limits of HDD, SSD or even RAID storage duplications. It is the most effective way to capture a computer that is either power on or off. It’s useful to acquire live data on a powered on computer. For computers that are hard to disassemble like Mac Book Pro, DC-8670 supports non-disassembling duplication.

DC-8670 is your best choice in following scenarios:
• Need to acquire data from RAID Storage
• Need to acquire data from a large HDD Recorder
• Want to back up a large data center or web server in a short time
• Need to acquire data from a MAC which is hard to dissemble in a short time

Hardware Interfaces
• 4 x USB 3.0
• 2 x eSATA
• 1 x FireWire IEEE 1394b
• 1 x Thunder bolt

Key Features

• Image-to-file duplication (Linux DD)
• Up to 48GB/Min data transfer rate on SSD, 25GB/Min by standard configuration
• Compatible with every PC including MAC
• Resume the duplication after a breakpoint pause
• Compute Hash Values
• 4 x 1TB storage capacity
• Supports swapping the HDD storages to save the images
• Display, save and print logs
• No need to disassemble the PC or MacBook for duplication
• Bootable to forensic sound environment WINPE (Read Only

Technical Info

Tower with below main configuration:

Item Specification
Transfer Channels 4
Speed (standard) 25.7GB/min
Hardware Interfaces 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x eSATA, 1 x FireWire IEEE 1394b, 1 x Thunder bolt
Power 5V from the USB or Thunder bolt
Humidity 10%-90% work temperature, 5%-95% storage temperature
Temperature 0℃-40℃ when work, -20℃-60℃ storage
Dimension 190 x 158 x 44 (mm)
Weight 1.2KG
Accessories 4 channel USB 3.0 Hub x 1, USB 3.0 data cable x 4, Octopus host x 1
Specifications are subject to change without notice