Data Forensics Tools

Mobile Master
Model: MM-1 Mobile Master (MM-1) is a mobile forensic solution that enables investigators to acquire and analyze data from handsets efficiently than ever. Special Features: • Supports more than 2000 handset models covering over 50 kinds of international and Chinese brands
• Correlation analysis among multiple handsets


MM-1 leverages the acquisition software Mobile Master to acquire, extract and analyze data from more than 2000 handset models covering Motorola P2K series, iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, MTK, and other platforms.

Technical Info

Tower with below main configuration:

Item Specification
Product Name Mobile Master
Model MM-1
Connection Bluetooth & USB
Supported Device Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Black Berry smartphones Motorola P2K series, iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, MTK, other platforms
Software Compatibility Can be installed in Windows XP and Windows 7
Password Recovery Android Passcode Bypass or Decryption (Bypass)
Contacts Contacts, User Define Tags, Speed Dial Number (iPhone)
Timeline Calendar, Tasks, Memo/Notes
Call History and Logs Income, Dial, Missed Calls, Data Connection Logs (GPRS/EDGE/WIFI), Messages Logs, Deleted Messages
Messages SMS, MMS and Mails
File System and Multimedia Files Phone Memory and Storage Files, Picture, Video and Audio, Hex Viewer
Other Apps Geo Locations (GPS/ Telecommunication Stations), Web Cache, Web Favorites, Skype, Wechat, Fetion, MSN, Sina SNS, WIFI AP Logs
Other Tools iTunes Backup Files Acquisitions, iPad Backup Files Acquisitions, Android Auto Root (Partly)
Search Txt Search, Search in Results, Search in More than 1 Phones, Correlationship Analysis
Export and Reports Export to Map (Online), Export to Report, Preview and Print Report
Export Type Doc/PDF/HTML
Verification Hash Verification (MD5), Unicode Support
Specifications are subject to change without notice

Wide Support for Handset Models

• Support Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Black Berry smart-phones
• Support over 50 kinds of international and Chinese brands
• Bluetooth & USB Connection
• Shortcut query for data cable

Easy Recovery of Handset Data

• SIM card recovery
• iOS Recovery
• Windows Mobile Recovery
• Android Recovery
• Symbian Recovery
• CDMA Recovery
• Motorola P2K Series Recovery

Smartphone Applications Analysis

• Instant message (MSN messenger )
• Mobile Browser History
• Email clients
• Micro-blogging Apps (Twitter/Sina Weibo/Tencent Weibo)
• SNS Apps (Facebook)

Activity Correlation Analysis

Support graphical correlation analysis among multiple handsets, source data can be both logical and deleted including Contacts, Call Logs, SMS, Chatlogs of MSN messenger.

Report Function Makes Analysis Easier

• Two view modes for reading data, text, and hexadecimal characters
• Multiple code page view modes for investigators: ASCII, GB2312, BIG5, UTF-8, Unicode, Unicode Big-Endian, and BASE64