Data Duplication Tools

1:1 HDD Fast Duplicator
Model: DEY-XG1020 DEY-XG1020 is a lightweight hard drive duplicator as an all in one solution. It has the ability to copy, erase, clip and test hard drives. It works with any SATA drive or ATA/IDE drive (with an adapter). Special Features: • Fast HDD 1:1 duplication
• Versatile functions in copy, recovery, test & erasure
• Forensic investigation utilities


XG1020 is a high speed hard drive duplicator with copy, recovery, test and erasure functions. With versatile utilities and a high processing speed 10 GB/min, it is an extremely practical tool for all hard drive handlers and a must-have tool for system maintenance technicians, system builders and data recovery professionals.

Technical Info

Item Specification
Product Name Hard Drive Duplicator
Model No. DEY-XG1020
Main Functions Copy, Test, Recovery, Wipe
Data Speed 10 GB/min
Support Drive SATA 3.5”/2.5”/1.8”/1.0”/0.85” and ATA hard drives
Interface SATA, ATA/IDE (adaptor)
Connection USB / Ethernet
Ports 2 (Master : 1 Target : 1)
Max volume of Hard Drive 144 PB (full 48-bit addressing support)
Power AC100~240V variable,50/60Hz (less than 2A)
Safety and Protection Primary power input protection (3A fuse)
Operating Conditions Temperature 10-35 °C Humidity 20%~80% (non-condensing)
Dimensions W260 x D230 x H34 mm
Weight 1.4kg / 3 lbs
Specifications are subject to change without notice

Main Functions

Hard Drive Duplication

• 1:1 HDD duplication by sector-to-sector copy to produce identical disk duplicates
• YEC Smart Copy System: copy only used space to save time
• Cross-interface copy: copy between any interface: SATA-ATA, ATA-SATA, etc.

Data Recovery

Extracts all usable data from damaged or unstable hard drives with the functions of skipping bad sectors and bypassing errors.


• Tests all hard drives during copying, thus users can accomplish in-depth quality control without spending extra time or effort
• A wide range of test functions for determining hard drive integrity and life expectancy: quick test (in only 30-120 seconds, quicker than leading software test programs), comprehensive test, running test, sector evaluation, read-write-read-compare, random seek, all verify
• Incoming and outgoing inspection for hard drive access time, running speed, bad sectors and SMART Attributes


• Low level format function for secure data erasure (1 time overwrite of each hard drive sector, input any HEX values for overwrite procedure)
• Various hard drive wiping/erasure methods according to ANY method or protocol: multi-pas HEX overwrite, DOD5220.00M, NSA, HIPAA, British Standard 7799, ISO17799, 30 second (500mb) wipe, or any custom method

Common Use

• Professional data recovery
• Forensic investigation
• Small scale computer production
• Testing for quality control
• System maintenance
• Secure data wiping
• Hard drive recycling


• 10 GB/min fast processing speed
• All-purpose functions: test, analyze, repair, duplicate, recover, erase, clip
• Bad sector repair/automatic sector reallocation/remap and clip (HPA)
• Carries out CRC compare to verify data after copying
• Forensic utilities: DD image, MD5 calculation, SHA1 calculation, SHA256 calculation
• Reliable write protection ensures that master data is not altered during duplication or testing
• Parameters are adjustable so that operator can tailor each operation according to specific needs
• Complete HPA/DCO control: add/remove existing HPA or remove DCO
• Hard drive recognition: for recovering hard drives that cannot be seen by PC BIOS
• Big drive compatibility: up to 144 PB capacity (full 48-bit addressing support)
• Software control and reporting system creates log files for data monitoring and archiving
• Logs can be saved to USB thumb drive
• Standalone mode with simple touch-button operations
• Thin design and a super lightweight