Media Destruction Tools

More Info Multi-Media Shredder
Model: DED-MMS2 Secure destruction of 3.5” & 2.5” hard drive, magnetic tape (DLT, LTO, DDS etc.), cell phone, floppy disk, USB, CD & DVD.

More Info High Security Paper Shredder
Model: DED-HSPS1 In office document disposal activities, very often there are concerns that sensitive information would not be sufficiently destroyed, however, DED-HSPS1 was released focused on high security paper shredding to eliminate these worries for clients.

More Info Optical Disk shredder
Model: DED-CDS2 This high security CD/DVD shredder cuts optical disks into 1*5mm particles, destroying data in a secure and efficient way.

More Info HDD Destroyer
Model: DED-HD2 The HDD destroyer physically destroys a hard drive to prevent access to data by bending the hard drive into a V-Shape, following DoD 5220.22M standard and National Security Agent (NSA).