Data Duplication Tools

More Info 1:1 HDD Fast Duplicator
Model: DEY-XG1020 DEY-XG1020 is a lightweight hard drive duplicator as an all in one solution. It has the ability to copy, erase, clip and test hard drives. It works with any SATA drive or ATA/IDE drive (with an adapter).

More Info 1:2 High Speed SSD Duplicator
Model: DEY-YG1040 DEY-YG1040 is a super fast SSD duplicator and wiper, which works for HDD as well. It has 3 ports enabling it to perform 1:2 drive duplication, and can reach a maximum speed of 37 GB/min.

More Info 1:5 High Speed SSD Duplicator
Model: DEY-YG1060 DEY-YG1060 is a fast and reliable solution for large volume data copying. It can perform 1:5 disk duplication on one unit and is expandable to up to 1:59 duplication by linking 10 units. It has a maximum duplication speed of 36GB/min.

More Info Disk Cloner
Model: DEC-DC(04/08/16) 6~16 ports HDD duplicator/wiper series that possess certified performance, reliable results and rich features.

More Info Net Cloner
Model: DEC-NC05, DEC-NC08, DEC-NC16 Media duplicator & wiper over network without the need of detaching storage medium from their host devices

More Info HDD Copy Cruiser
Model: DEA-HCC06/12/17/25 HDD Copy Cruiser series are able to conduct 5 ~ 24 simultaneous HDD duplication. It can also perform comparison and data wiping.

More Info Standalone USB & HDD Copy Tower

Model: DEA-UCT24

1:23 standalone duplicator for USB flash drives and external 2.5” hard drives / SSDs with USB connection.

More Info USB 3.0 Copy Cruiser

Model: DEA-UCC10

The super-fast USB 3.0 duplicator with 10 target ports in a portable mini size!

More Info Disc Copy Tower

Model: DEA-DCT16B/16/09B/08/06/05B/TF

The Disc Copy Tower series are fast and reliable optical disk duplicators for business and home use. They come with several models with different supports and features to suit different customer needs.