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DataSweeper 3 Handy
Model: DataSweeper 3 Handy One of the most reliable, powerful data erasing products available. Special Features: • Wipe data efficiently using the optimum method for HDD & SSD!


A standalone model with a strong track record and reputation for reliability. This lightweight, palm-sized unit automatically detects HDD or SSD drives and performs parallel simultaneous wiping of data. It fully supports 20 erasure standards, including eight global standards and Secure Erase. The compact, user-friendly design and simple three-step operation provide an easy and reliable way to erase data.

Technical Info

Operating Environment

Supported computer environment:
• PC/AT compatible computer equipped with a USB port (DOS/V x86 computer, x86_64 architecture) (separate CD-ROM drive is required for computers that are unable to booth from USB)
• Not dependent on the OS.
• MEMORY: 512MB or more (English version launches with 256 MB or more).
• HDD free space: free space is not required.
• Display: VGA (640x480) or higher * SVGA (800x600) or higher recommended.
• PC-9800 series (except for PC-98NX, MATE, Versa, Lacie, VALUESTAR). Apple Macs, and RAID configurations are not supported.
Supported HDD and SSD drives: IDE, SCSI, USB, PCMCIA, IEEE1394, SAS, Serials ATA. Reinstalling the OS: After the data has been erased, the OS can be reinstalled using the recovery CD included with the computer. However, depending on the computer, a partition may need to be created with the FDISK/mbr command and initialized with the FORMAT command before installing the OS.

New Features: Now compatible with RAID!

1. Automatically dismantle RAID build for the server, completely erase all data inside each hard drives.
2. Enables parallel simultaneous wiping of data with a single operation on machines containing a mix of HDD and SSD.
3. Automatic freeze lock removal on drives during secure erasure operations. Remembers the unlocking procedure to enable the optimal secure erasing procedure on similar drives next time. Significantly improves operational efficiency.
4. Enables wiping of data in both BIOS and UEFL environments.
5. Performs simple S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic scan.

DataSweeper 3 Handy Other Features

1. To set up the HDD/SSD data erasure, it is only necessary to connect the DataSweeper 3 Handy to the USB port of the target computer.
2. The DataSweeper 3 Handy utilizes a unique hot-pluggable USB connection (patent pending) to improve efficiency by erasing several PCs at the same time.
3. The erasing log containing the information of both erased PC and its internal drives (HDD/SSD) plus some optional information (catalogue information, asset tag number etc.) is stored on flash-ROM built into the unit. The log can be encrypted if needed.
4. Using the After-Check function (Patent No. 330886A), erasure results can be viewed by simply booting up the erased PC. The result contains the device-specific information which allows you to keep track of the DataSweeper model you used (Patent No.4859152).
5. Allows wiping out the hidden/locked data areas such as HPA, DCO and remapped sectors. *
* May not be supported on some drives.
6. Fully customizable erasure process enables easy and optional operation.
7. Certified by Refurbished (Reuse) & Recycle Information Technology Equipment Association (RITEA).

Supported Erasure Methods:

- 8 global standards
• US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) (three passes)
• US National Security Agency (NSA) three passes (DataSweeper default setting)
• US Army
• US Navy
• US Air Force
• US National Computer Security Center (NCSC)
• Gutmann (35 passes)

- Other erasure methods
• ADC standard (Use of the ADC proprietary standard for SSD)
• Overwriting with the NIST 800-88/00 0x00 standard followed by high-speed verification
• Overwriting with the NIST 800-88/FF 0xFF standard followed by high-speed verification
• User-specified method (can specify number of passes, final data, and whether to verify or not)
• Simple random data (overwriting with random numbers only)
• Overwriting with 0xFF-0x00 (FF followed by 00 followed by high-speed verification)
• Overwriting with random numbers-0x00 (random numbers followed by 00 followed by high-speed verification)
• HDD/SSD total erasure (enhanced Secure Erase)
• HDD/SSD total erasure (enhanced Secure Erase prioritized: uses standard mode if media is incompatible with enhanced Secure Erase)
• Enhanced Secure Erase
• Secure Erase (enhanced Secure Erase prioritized: uses standard mode if media is incompatible with enhanced Secure Erase)
• Secure Erase