NAND Data Recovery Training Class

NAND based memory technologies have been more and more popular in modern IT related activities, for they have both higher stability and data transfer speed than traditional flash memories and hard drives. NAND data recovery technique has then become an important or in some way essential skill of IT practitioners.

Learning Objectives

• To learn about NAND memory’s controller and firmware components as well as how they operate and interact.
• To understand how NAND data recovery tools can be used to read and diagnose each component to determine the cause of failure.
• To develop a strategy to fix the NAND based on diagnostic results gained from the tools and specific design criteria of the make and model of the NAND.
• To work through various common scenarios of NAND failures and recovery procedures.

Course Benefits

• Increase technical capacity and improve customer service
• Increase success rate of NAND data retrieval for NAND data recovery providers
• Guarantee information confidentiality by in-house recovery
• Save costs caused by outsourcing recovery services every time

Hands-on Practices

In most courses whichever suitable, workshops and real case exercises will be carried out to help students better understand the theories and quickly employ the techniques in their work after the courses.