HDD Data Recovery Training Class

Each HDD failure is unique, and so is the data rescue. However, there can be an organized plan to ensure the data is recovered. The HDD data recovery training courses will show exact techniques and procedures to be used to recover data.

The most challenging part of data recovery is vendor specific information. As each manufacturer pushes the envelope to design superior HDDs with larger and larger capacities, data recovery professionals need special tools and knowledge to quickly solve problems of the drive in front of them. Techniques and Tools that work on one drive may not work on another which is from a different manufacturer. Sometimes even models of the same manufacturer have completely different design architectures.

Learning Objectives

• To know all of the firmware components of HDDs and how they operate and interact.
• To understand how the recovery tools can be used to read & diagnose each component to determine the cause of failure.
• To develop a strategy to fix the HDD based on diagnostic results gained from recovery tools and special design criteria of the make and model of the HDD.
• To develop and understand cleanroom procedure revolving physical HDD problems.

Course Benefits

• Increase technical capacity and improve customer service
• Increase success rate of data retrieval for data recovery providers
• Guarantee information confidentiality by in-house recovery
• Save costs caused by outsourcing recovery services every time