Data Duplication Tools

Net Cloner
Model: DEC-NC05, DEC-NC08, DEC-NC16 Media duplicator & wiper over network without the need of detaching storage medium from their host devices. Special Features: • Copy & wipe via network, no need of media removal
• Internal storage and management of image files
• Support all kinds of medium


Net Cloner duplicator series are the only network-based disk duplicators & wipers in the world, which duplicate, wipe, store and control original images through network interface. It supports all types of storage media including hard drive, SSD, mSATA, NGFF, eMMC, SD card, flash memory, DOM, CF memory etc.

Technical Info

Model DEC-DC05 (Portable) DEC-DC08 DEC-DC16
Number of Ports 5 8 16
Built-in Storage SSD 250GB SSD 500GB 2 SSD 1TB
Port for Peripheral UUSB2.0 x 3, e-SATA x 2 USB3.0 x 2, USB2.0 x 1, e-SATA x 1 USB3.0 x 2, e-SATA x 1
Network 1 x 1000 BASE-T 2 x 1000 BASE-T
Power Supply 60W / Full Range (100-240) 120W / Full Range (100-240) 700W / Full Range (100-240)
Dimension (W x D x H) 205 x 140 x 65 mm 340 x 365 x 165 mm 390 x 365 x 161 mm
Weight 1.6 KG 5 KG 9.6 KG
Duplication / Wipe Rate 7~20 GB/min
Supported Media All media (hard drive, SSD, CompactFlash, SecureDigital, m-SATA, NGFF, eMMC etc.
Supported BUS Type Gigabit Network
Supported File System Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server2003/2008), Linux (Ext2/3, ReiserFS, XFS)
User Interface Windows-based Full GUI
Built-in Display 800 x 600 color LCD / touch screen
Specifications are subject to change without notice


• Duplicate and wipe through network connection

• Eliminate the need of detaching media from their host devices
• Support all kinds of storage media

• Backup the original disk as an image file in its internal storage

• Capable of storage, control and network transfer of image files
• Duplicate from saved image files to target storages
• Duplicate one image file to multiple targets

• Copy multiple images simultaneously – start or finish duplication on each target individually

• Smart ASYNC Duplication - if you register an image file and a storage device, automatic duplication will be implemented when a device of same specification is connected.

• Data wiping according to international standards including DoD, NSA, Peter Gutmann
• Create wiping report

• Supports automatic duplication after wiping

• Supports automatic shutdown after wiping
• Provides two types of user interface for easy checking of work information.

• Simultaneous duplication / wiping on max. 5/8/16 devices
• Available in 5 ports (portable), 8 ports and 16 ports

*** Due to constant improvement of products, for more similar models and updated functions, please contact us to get details!